Handmade teddies to keepsake your memories.

Our personalised teddy bears will be a special keepsake to the memory of your loved one.

They can be made from special articles of your loved one's clothing, from quality faux fur, or from a mix of both. They can be customised to hold ashes, match a baby's height and weight, and can display a scanned photo or embroidered message.

Indeed your memory bear will be a one-of-a-kind gift that will be treasured forever!

Personal loss has taught me the irreplaceable value of having something special that belonged to your loved one.

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Memorial Bears

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Memorial Bears are made from articles of clothing, such as a loved ones cardigan, suit, shirt, dress, blanket or fabric item that holds a special place in your heart.


Bereavement Bears

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Bereavement Bears are made as a treasure, to comfort those who have lost a loved one. They are especially designed for stillborn babies and children.


Personalised Bears

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Personalised bears are a great gift to celebrate a new born baby. A stitched message with Name, D.O.B, Time, Weight can be added to the stomach of the bear.


Part Fur Bears

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Part Fur Bears are made from articles of clothing, as well as partly from quality faux fur.


Photo Bears

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This bear displays a scanned photo or sonogram of your loved one on it's tummy.


T-shirt Bears

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This teddy bear wears a t-shirt that displays a scanned photo of your loved one.


Pet Memorials

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A plush replica of your special pet that you can cherish forever.


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