About Beary Memories

Hi, I'm Liz Hartland and I've been making hand crafted teddy bears for over 15 years.

My passion for making bears started in 2002 when I decided to take an evening class in bear-making, from which I was immediately hooked.

In the beginning I had a basic design and just made them as presents for family and friends. But within two years I had honed my craft to where I felt I could open a store that would offer quality and variety to the gift bear market.

The store met with success, which encouraged me to continue with my passion, to this present day, where I craft lots of different designs by commission, for a number of purposes.

Passion that comes from personal lose

My own personal experience of loss has given me a passion to help others who have also suffered loss, that they may be able to come to terms with what has happened.

My experience taught me the irreplaceable value of having something special that belonged to your loved one, which is the inspiration for the crafting of my memorial bears.