Personalised Bears

These bears are a great gift to celebrate the arrival of a new born baby. Can also be personalised for Birthdays, Weddings, Mothers Day, Valentines Day, Christmas etc.

A stitched message with name, date of birth, time and weight can be added to the stomach of the bear.

You can also select from a range of designs and then match them with one of six colours.


As well as an embroidered message on the bears tummy, a designed picture can be added below the information.

Available Colours

Pink, Blue, Brown, Lilac, Peach or Spearmint Green tipped fur. With negotiation another colour can be chosen.


The bear can be made to match the height and weight of the baby.

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Here's some examples

52730272 2285550304800616 5826475341522141184 N Cropped
52842376 2048897561891703 7972493173018591232 N Cropped Cropped
54458013 402450117200275 4502453528232460288 N 1 Cropped
55538072 638003463314027 9200663939170435072 N Cropped
55932316 265532590994548 2082202442908303360 N Cropped
56319140 264227740999935 509220427944427520 N Cropped
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