T-shirt Bears

An adorable faux fur teddy bear that's wearing a t-shirt with a scanned photo or sonogram of your loved one on it

We're sure it will become something you love and treasure, as it reminds you of your loved one each time you see it.

We use another company to scan the photos, so once your order is confirmed, we'll give you information on where to email the photo you want scanned.


You can customise your bear with an embroidered message, as well as adding wings or lockets.


The bear can hold the ashes of your loved one inside it's tummy. This area is fully lined and can be accessed via a zip at the back.


The bear can be made to match the height and weight of a lost baby.

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Here's some examples

54521373 977255829140303 1277278752199409664 N
53272243 623171358128447 3447294868081082368 N
53742558 805645543124067 2225346659137617920 N
54435205 2313387645545507 3530239160537317376 N
53865630 589185238262846 4671937172570374144 N Cropped
53723733 1247574668740427 2860465351760543744 N Cropped
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